best home cctv security system reviews

however I became interested in Vivints product and how helpful it is….

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You can also look up companies on the websites of the Electronic Security Association esaweb.

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SimpliSafe's sensors aren't triggered by dogs or cats weighing less than 50 pounds.

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best home cctv security system reviews

The trespasser may not be a burglar, it could be the mailman, your gardner, or it could simply be someone you know who is not aware of your absence and is coming for a surprise visit. As you receive the warning call you can grab your laptop or get online with any computer, go to the security company website, usually the same company which installed your remote monitoring security system, enter your username and password and "see" what is happening on your property. If it looks like a burglar you can call the police. You will have the video recording to prove the suspect was behaving as a burglar. Additionally the images recorded may help identify the person. By the way, none of your flood lights should be facing your hidden cameras. They should "look" , more or less, in the same direction. If the lights shine into the cameras the subject in the image will result having the dark side exposed to the camera, possibly compromising any attempt of identification. 2. Establish a first line of defense. In war times this would be a various number of lethal traps but of course it is not legal during peace times.

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So, you ask what makes me think my opinion is the right one, or the one that you should follow?Simply, I don't.

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